At A.M. Cranes & Rigging, we supply specialised rigging support services for all lifting tasks for your construction project. No matter what load is required for lifting, our team of specialised professional riggers ensure that every load is lifted safely with all safety protocols observed and implemented. 

Our goal is to provide flawless rigging services for every lifting project we undertake. No matter where in the Northern Territory or Queensland your project is located, we bring your lifting project to completion.

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Safety focused and efficient rigging services for your project

Our team have over 11 years of experience providing comprehensive and professional rigging services for all lifting projects throughout Darwin, Katherine and Kingaroy. Our team operate step by step to ensure that the safety of all involved in the workplace is the priority and that no accidents happen. 

Our rigging process involves the following:

  1. Choosing the right crane – we will give you advice on which type of crane is right for the load that needs to be lifted, depending on factors such as load weight, location of the construction site, type of terrain at the construction and dimensions of the load

  2. Analyse the load – We look at the weight of the load, the dimensions, the centre of gravity and whether or not the centre of gravity will shift or remain static

  3. How far the load will move – We measure how high the load will be lifted and how far it will move in total (including the horizontal distance)

  4. Ensure crane has the proper counterweight, jib and stable terrain/footing for the crane to operate on

  5. Choosing the right rigging equipment – this includes wire ropes, clevises, turnbuckles, slings, shackles, jacks, etc. This equipment is picked out by us based on the information we have collected so far

  6. Determine what angles will be involved with the load before you lift. If the load’s angle is off the entire balance of weight can shift and cause disastrous results

  7. Finally, ensure weather conditions (such as wind and rain) are favourable. 

  8. Connect the load to the crane and begin the lift.

Servicing locations throughout the Northern Territory & Queensland

Our rigging services are available throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory, providing professional and safety-focused crane rigging services for every project we undertake. Our team of crane rigging specialists work closely with you to ensure that all loads are lifted securely and efficiently. We service the following locations:

  • Darwin

  • Katherine

  • Kingaroy

  • Daly Waters

  • Kakadu

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As crane rigging and operating specialists, A.M. Cranes & Rigging are industry leaders in providing comprehensive rigging services to construction projects throughout the Northern Territory and Queensland. Contact us today to receive a free quote, either by calling us or by filling out our online form.

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